Make Brushing Fun for Kids? There is an App for that!

Children's dentist in San Diego.Each Childrens Dentist San Diego strive to make all our patients feel comfortable and happy during their visit. However, it can be difficult to encourage daily brushing and flossing outside our dental office.

Thankfully, there are multiple dental health apps specifically targeted towards children to get them excited to take better care of their teeth.

Time 2 Brush iPhone App

Children's dentist in San DiegoIt’s crucial to brush for two minutes, and this mobile app includes a 2 minute timer, playing a catchy tune. A “Nurdle” (a gob of toothpaste) gets your child ready to brush and even reminds them to switch each areas of the mouth.

To make brushing even more fun, every time your child completes a full brushing session, he or she earns points to customize his or her “Nurdle.” Click here to learn more about this fun mobile app.

Kid’s Dental Health – Interactive Mobile Book

Children's dentist in San DiegoThis loving book is both educational and fun for children of all ages! It teaches kids about good nutrition for dental health including four mini-games. From choosing your own character to destroying the bacteria in teeth, this engaging app can truly encourage your children to better care for their teeth.

You can buy this mobile book in the iTunes store.

Brush Your Teeth with Funny Animals

Children's dentist in San Diego.This free app allows children to identify the food they have eaten that day and clean a funny animal’s teeth. Then, it is their turn to brush, which includes a timer and photos showing how to clean their teeth.

This app is free and you can get it at the iTunes app store.

Colgate’s Educational Games

Children's dentist in San DiegoColgate displays multiple online games for children between the ages 2-9. For example, children can save the tooth from the Plaque Monster by guessing the secret word. Or, they can play pinball at Toothpaste Tower. There are plenty of games your children can enjoy, implementing the benefits of oral care.

Check out Colgate’s website by clicking here.

We would love to hear your thoughts! Share with us: Do you know any dental apps that can make brushing fun for children?

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